The world is indeed a beautiful place. It’s full of jaw-dropping natural wonders and giant cities; of incredible wildlife and billions of people each with their own story to tell; of well-visited sights and untrodden paths, and anything in between.

I travel to experience, to have great adventures and to be amazed. To learn about different cultures and understand why people live their lives the way they do. To delve into a destination and explore both the flattering and less flattering sides of every location I visit. I travel because I can’t stop.

On Adventurer’s Footprints, I tell stories from my adventures dedicated to travellers seeking authentic experiences around the world. Here you will find in-depth guides, practical tips and compelling photos to stoke your wanderlust and help you travel better and more responsible.

The world is indeed a beautiful place, follow my footprints and come see it with me.


Wander With Me


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